8 Countries With the Healthiest School Lunches

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With the entire world fighting obesity and bad eating habits, the focus has to turn to school lunches. Sometimes lunches are prepared by parents and sometimes schools provide food for their pupils. But all too often, certainly in the USA, students head for the cafeteria and buy whatever they feel like eating. Unfortunately though, the average cafeteria provides what it knows it can sell, and all too predictably, these items usually contain too much sugar (which can promote diabetes) and often too much “bad” fat.


Countries With the Healthiest School Lunches

Further, many foodstuffs are harmfully genetically modified (GMO). To a large extent the secret of the healthiest school lunches lies in traditional foods eaten in certain countries. Have a look at some of the healthiest school lunches eight countries serve up for kids. These are based largely on research by Sweetgreen in Schools, a program in the US that educates children about healthy eating.


#8 France


Presuming all French kids will eat French cheeses, this is a goodie. A Sweetgreen alternative, it includes fruit (apple and kiwifruit), veg (greens beans and carrot), cheese (Brie) and freshly cooked meat (beef). Green beans are an excellent source of protein and a number of vitamins and dietary fiber, and although carrot does contain sugar, it also contains vitamins and dietary fiber. Kiwifruit is packed with vitamin C as are apples; both contain sugar unfortunately. Brie is an excellent source of vitamin K that nutritionists are only now recognizing as vitally important in our diets. Steak provides vital protein.


#7 Spain


It is no secret that a Mediterranean diet is a lot healthier than most other diets in the world, so it should come as a surprise that some of the healthiest school lunches are found in Mediterranean regions. Olive oil, lots of garlic, fresh seafood and a plethora of healthy fruit and veg. Sweetgreen’s option found in Spain includes sautéed shrimp with small helping healthy brown rice, chopped up peppers and cabbage, some freshly made cold gazpacho soup, and half an orange. A wholewheat roll adds extra fiber.





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