12 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure is known as the silent killer because 28% of Americans have it and don’t even know it according to the American Heart Association. However, the condition is very dangerous because it increases the risk of kidney failure, aneurysms, mental decline, strokes, and heart attacks.1 It also contributes to over 15% of deaths in the United States based on a study conducted at Harvard. Moreover, around half the people who are over 60 years of age in Germany battle with the ailment, and it occurs in the younger population as well.


Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Although medication is often used to lower blood pressure, it can cause some unwanted side effects such as insomnia, leg cramps, and dizziness. However, the good news is that many people can lower their blood pressure by natural means and without having to take medication. So let’s explore the following 12 ways that you can use in order to help lower your blood pressure naturally:

12 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally:


1. Include CoQ10 In Your Dietary Regimen

Include CoQ10 In Your Dietary Regimen

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps enlarge blood vessels so that the blood flows easier, and it also produces higher amounts of energy in the body. Researchers performed a study and concluded that Coenzyme Q10 lowered blood pressure of 17 mmhg to over 10 mmhg. So, you might want to consider asking your physician if you can take 60-100 milligrams up to around three times daily.


2. Put Some Power Into Your Step

Put Some Power Into Your Step

Achieving a healthy weight is always a good idea to help with hypertension, and one way to do this is to go for power walks. Exercise allows the heart to use oxygen in a more efficient manner so that the heart doesn’t have to work so hard while pumping blood throughout the body. You should strive to include a vigorous cardiac routine consisting of at least 30 minutes during most days of the week. In addition, try to increase your distance or speed in order to present a greater challenger to your heart.





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