Why You Have Lower Back Pain After Spin Class (Plus How to Fix It)


Doorway Stretch

Stand slightly in front of a doorway and place arms on either side of doorway or adjacent wall. Bend elbows at 90 degrees, keeping upper arm parallel to the floor. Lean forward and hold this position for 30 seconds.

Modified Lizard Pose with Quad Stretch

Begin in lizard pose. Come up off forearms and onto hands. Turn left foot out at a forty-five-degree angle and roll onto the outer edge of the foot. Use left hand to push against inner left thigh, opening up hip. Hold for a few breaths. Bend right knee and catch the pinky toe edge of the right foot with the left hand. Pull to stretch the quad. (The Best Yoga Poses to Open Your Hips may also help.)

One more thing: If you have a physioball on hand, hang over it with your stomach to the sky for a full supine stretch, suggests Weiss.





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