7 Stress Reducing Exercises You Can Do in Minutes

As women with stress we've got to blow off steam before we lash out at colleagues or loved ones -- here are seven ways to help you do just that

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Picture this: You're sitting at your desk watching the to-dos pile up when you get an IM from your boss saying "can you come into my office -- now" and before you take a second breath your phone rings -- it's your son's school. Your blood is boiling, your heart is pounding and you just want to SCREAM. Welcome to the wonderful world of stressed out women


Stress Reducing Exercise Moves You Can Do in Minutes

For most of us women, a stressful scenario like this is a weekly occurrence, and if we don't do something to stop this cycle of stress, we might just lose it. Well, that, and end up obese, with anxiety, depression, heart disease, acne and other skin issues -- all common side effects of long-term stress.

See seven stress reducing moves you can do in minutes -- now.

That's why we sat down with Kimberly Fowler founder of YAS Fitness Centers and author of "The No Om Zone". She shared seven simple ways you can help shake the mental and physical effects of stress. And before you start thinking about the 257 reasons why you won't have time to add these exercise to your routine, know that some of them can be done at your desk or while in traffic -- in seconds.

Stress Reducing Exercise Moves You Can Do in Minutes

That's really all it takes to feel a difference. "A little bit goes a long way," says Fowler who says that most of us feel tightness or pain in our shoulders, hips and lower back and often hold our breath when we're stressed out. These moves will address those issues and more.

So take a load off and see the seven stress reducing moves you can do quickly.





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