12 Effective and Easy-to-Follow Arm Exercises for Men

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The gym has become a staple part of many men's life, so much so that recent research has found that men are now more body conscious than their female counterparts. And with the advent of male grooming products and a heightened increase in male fashion, that's hardly surprising. But it's not a bad thing, either.


12 Effective & Easy-to-follow Arm Exercises for Men

Take these quick and easy arm exercises as an example. Each requires 10 minutes at most, and with dedication, results will eventually come to fruition in the form of a greater looking you. After all, who wants spaghetti arms when you can achieve weapons that Thor would be proud of? I know what we at Lifehack Lane would choose....

Here are 20 easy-to-follow arm exercises that will be sure to add mass, as well as muscle to both your triceps, forearms and the more commonly trained biceps.


1. Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl

Hold a dumbbell of an appropriate weight (It can't be too light if you want to build mass) in each hand and rest your arms straight. Then, with both palms at your sides, raise your forearm. You repetition should lead to a tight burning sensation in your bicep after around the fifth or sixth rep.
For the best results, complete at least 10 curls for each arm. Then, after a minutes rest, repeat the same process two more times.


2. Chin-Up


Gripping your hands firmly to the bar, lift as much as your body weight as your body will allow. Preferably, you should be aiming to get your chin over the bar, but don't use any forced momentum as it will take away the tension from your core.





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